Visitor Surveys

Maine Office of Tourism commissions seasonal surveys and analyses for all of Maine, and breaks out a yearly report for the DART region including economic impact, number of visitors, and activities enjoyed


DART tracks Google Analytics trends from to prioritize website and visitor guide updates and inform direction for marketing plans, social media, and advertising.  Analytics collected include:

  • Demographics and geography
  • New VS returning users
  • Frequency, duration, and recency of site and page visitation
  • General Interest Affinities
  • How viewers find and view the site

Other Visitor Information Tracking

DART and MOT keep records of attendance and brochure distribution at national and international trade shows.

DART receives over 15,000 requests for information from potential visitors via and  These requests provide important information about where visitors come from and what they are interested in doing here, and which areas of DownEast Acadia they intend to visit.  Occasionally, DART conducts a brief survey from this list to collect specific information from visitors, such as if they actually visited the area, and how useful are the brochure and website in their trip planning process.

Planning Resources

Destination Development

Development of a healthy, sustainable Tourism Destination is a long-term process that requires grass-roots leaders and “doers” committed to the process of moving their communities collectively toward becoming a more cohesive, accessible, and unique experience for visitors (and residents!). Successful destination development requires a strong community desire for improving their communities and promoting tourism, and a qualified group of committed people willing to work together learn tourism development strategies.

Read more about Destination Development as described by the Maine Office of Tourism.

Economic and Community Studies

Many organizations and communities across Maine and the nation (and the world!) conduct economic and community studies that we can learn from here in DownEast Acadia.  Provided here is a list of some of our favorite (known) resources, but there are many more worthy of discovering.

Waypoints – Community Indicators  Livelihoods on Maine’s Coast & Islands

Economic Impact 2017 – DownEast Acadia region results

Visitor Tracking Research 2017 – DownEast Acadia region results

DestinationNEXT – DownEast Acadia region results

Future of Tourism in the Maine Woods – Emerging Trends

Future of Tourism in the Maine Woods – Potential Scenarios and Impacts

Maine Woods Area Report 2017

Valuing the Economic Benefits of Conservation Land in Downeast Maine

Maine’s Outdoor Recreation Economy 2017

State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Cultivating Rural Entrepreneur Network Development in Maine

Made in America – Travel’s Essential Contribution to Economic Development

Destination Promotion – An Engine of Economic Development

Sustainable Tourism Development Community Studies

University of Minnesota