DART contracts with the Washington County Council of Governments (WCCOG) to provide comprehensive services for DownEast Acadia Regional Tourism in grant administration, project coordination and oversight, and member/stakeholder outreach.  WCCOG complements and supports DART’s regional tourism work through destination development projects beyond marketing and promotion.

Grant administration duties include (but are definitely not limited to!) the following tasks:

MTMPP Grant Administration

  • Work with Marketing Committee and Board members to determine projects for the region’s annual Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MTMPP) grant.
  • Prepare and submit MTMPP grant application along with all accompanying documents to Maine Office of Tourism (MOT).
  • Work with Board and MOT to finalize project proposals; assure all changes and amendments are pre-approved by MOT’s Grant Administrator.
  • Coordinate timely and successful implementation of all MTMPP projects, including contracting with and oversite of outside agencies. 
  • Prepare and submit all MTMPP reports as required under contract with Maine Office of Tourism.
  • Track income and expenses for all activities under the grant, including cash and in-kind match funds; provide budget updates to DART Board.
  • Assure all of State of Maine regulations and requirements for the grant are followed.
  • Maintain records of all projects, including final products, revenues, and expenses.
  • File annual corporate documents with State of Maine.
  • Attend MOT-hosted meetings, in person or remotely, including Tourism Stakeholder, Grant Manager, strategic planning, destination development, and community input meetings.
  • Maintain database of all requests for information from DownEastAcadia.com; share DownEastAcadia.com info requests will all chambers of commerce and other interested members across the DownEast Acadia region.
  • Assist potential visitors with trip-planning inquiries via phone, email, or in person.
  • Attend MOT-approved trainings and other relevant professional development opportunities, and provide summary report.
  • Maintain organization’s office, including supplies and equipment necessary to fulfill MTMPP-related tasks.

Board Engagement and Management

  • Provide updates to the DownEast Acadia Regional Tourism (DART)Board of Directors RE all MTMPP and related projects (via E-newsletter and at Quarterly Board meetings).  Includes project updates as well as upcoming tourism-related discussions, forums, trainings, conferences; summary information from Stakeholder and Grant Manager meetings; and relevant Tourism Industry and Destination Development news.
  • Draft Letters of Recommendation to Members and Stakeholders for funding support.
  • Provide information to Board Members and Stakeholders on marketing, development, and funding opportunities available to communities and organizations.
  • Assist Board to plan, coordinate, and implement DART’s Annual Tourism Symposium.
  • Assist Marketing Committee to plan, coordinate, and implement DART’s cash-match projects.
  • Encourage and assist members to participate in MTMPP-related projects and committees, including providing their feedback on project planning and implementation.
  • Provide outreach and education to Board members, regional stakeholders, and others about DART’s mission, goals, projects, and partnerships; encourage Board membership and participation in DART projects.
  • Attend and participate in meetings of Scenic Byways and Regional Trails partners, chambers, business associations, and others to represent DART interests, strengthen partnerships and networks across the region, and collaborate on related or similar efforts.
  • Provide updates on DART and Maine Office of Tourism activities to member organizations and local and regional media sources for inclusion in their publications.
  • Create and deliver presentations and documents for regional stakeholder outreach. 
  • Maintain the DownEastAcadiaRegionalTourism.org website and promote awareness and use amongst stakeholders and members across the region.
  • Prepare Board, Executive Committee, and Marketing Committee meeting documents in consultation with Chairs of the Board and Marketing Committee (agenda, financial reports/budgets, projects, industry happenings, etc.); send out meeting announcements to members and stakeholders; attend Board, Marketing, and Executive meetings.
  • Collect Board member fees and maintain files on membership.

MTMPP Project Coordination

Work closely with Marketing Committee and hired consultants to:

  • Assess and prioritize marketing and promotion needs or gaps (such as in photo, video, visitor guide, or website collateral).
  • Draft, review, finalize, and approve creative work including paid advertising, photo/video, visitor guide, regional branding and messaging, social media campaigns, written content, visitor E-newsletters, and website.
  • Coordinate registration, literature distribution, and volunteer attendance at trade shows.
  • Coordinate Media tours: draft itinerary; engage regional partners; secure FAM attendees and accommodations; communicate with attendees prior to and after the event; ensure required deliverables are completed; share deliverables with Board and Stakeholders via E-newsletter and Board meetings.
  • Work with other tourism regions and regional stakeholders to coordinate collaborative efforts around shared resources.
  • Provide updates to or ideas for DownEast Acadia region information to other organizations as requested, such as MTA and ME COA, for their publications.