Our primary mission is to promote tourism in DownEast Acadia, the state-designated Tourism Region composed of Washington and Hancock Counties.  We are a collaboration of entities who work together to develop, manage, support and promote the best natural, recreational, and cultural assets in Washington and Hancock Counties.  We care about the region’s cultural, economic, and environmental health, and promote our local “doers and makers,” traditional and innovative occupations, and our natural-resource-based assets.

Our members and partners include chambers of commerce, economic development groups, regional planners, educational institutions, municipalities, professional business organizations, recreation and conservation groups, cultural/heritage groups, historical societies, business owners, state agencies, and more.

Inherent tasks of DownEast Acadia Regional Tourism (DART) are to:

  • Serve the DownEast Acadia region as the Maine Office of Tourism’s (MOT) officially designated Destination Marketing Organization; coordinate with MOT on marketing strategies; and advocate at the state level for regional interests on tourism related issues.
  • Coordinate with organizations that have similar goals within and outside the region, including other MOT designated regions and our Canadian neighbors.
  • Advocate for the responsible use of the cultural, historical and natural resources in the region.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, education, product development and other programs to strengthen the position of the DownEast Acadia Region as an exemplary place to live, work, and play.

DART’s marketing and promotion funding comes primarily from the Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MTMPP) through the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT), along with generous cash-match and in-kind donations from our Members and partners.  We aim to provide international exposure for the region while supporting local initiatives and enabling local businesses to directly benefit as much as possible. DART actively seeks new and innovative methods of increasing revenues in order to offer more services to members and build capacity to fulfill organizational and regional goals.

Click here to learn about DART’s marketing plan, developed in partnership with the Maine Office of Tourism via the Maine Tourism Marketing and Promotion Partnership.